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Zodiac JXI Gas Heater Review: -Zodiac has made some great products over the years, but unfortunately we have to question the decision to build an ultra-efficient 5th-Generation Gas Heater with a ‘cheap’ copper-only heat exchanger. These are not as corrosion-resistant as cupro-nickel exchangers.
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We repair, service, & replace all brands of Spa & Pool Gas Heaters

When contacting us, just let us know the Brand, or at least colour of your spa heater.

Some of the more common heaters we regularly repair are: Hurlcon / Astralpool / Pentair / Raypak / Rheem / Bosch / Everdure / Dega Research / De- gas / Waterco / Teledyne-Laars / Hayward / Hurlcon Astralpool / Purex Tropic Isle / Chaffoteaux - Maury 3 / MiniMax Looking to Convert your Spa from Electric to Gas and save up to and over 70% running costs? Check out our notes towards the bottom of the page.
These are some of the other brands we work on: Waterco / Teledyne - Laars / Hayward / Zodiac / Jandy / S&P OLD gas heaters - Some parts are getting harder to get, but we are more than happy to work on any gas heater of any age. It’s amazing what we’ve been able to resurrect.
Dega / Onga / De-gas gas spa heaters were one of the best, long-running gas heaters around. These were a fairly efficient bypass style heater, with built-in timer that controlled the pump, and also an air switch. They were well ahead of their time. We carry several spare parts that no other company carries. These can sometimes definitely be worth repairing. - Typically Gray, Green, White, or Light Gray
Raypak / Rheem RP2100 and others Geoff worked at Raypak as a Service Technician / Gas fitter. He knows these inside & out as well. These gas heaters were popular 15-30 years ago, but there are still many still sold now. Again, we repair and service these regularly. Some of the older units were as hardy as they get! Since Rheem took over Raypak, their after sales & service departments are horrible. We regularly repair these heaters, when their own service person says to replace them. They have had almost no efficiency updates and continue to use Inefficient BBQ style Burners. We also see the newer Raypak units fail due to leaks much more quickly than the older units. Possibly due to poorer materials used.
Hurlcon / Astralpool Pool & Gas Heater Repairs & Replacements (Earlier models known as Purex Tropic Isle, Pentair, MiniMax) Jerry worked at Hurlcon in the Research & Development department and knows these heaters inside & out. He knows exactly what to look for and how to repair them. Hurlcon / Astralpool are *not* quick at getting spare parts delivered quickly. HX 70 / HX 120 / WX / MM Minimax Series - BBQ style Burner. The hardiest of the Hurlcon heaters ever made. Very simple. Based on old Hendy hydronic boilers. (Hurlcon bought Hendy) These heaters have been almost identical for nearly 20 years. Bromine & low pH usually ends up killing these heaters. We can retrofit circuit boards on some of the rare models. MX 125 / MX 150 / MX 200 / MX 250 / MX 300 / MX 400 - BBQ style Burner. These were based on Purex MiniMax / Triton models. Most models had plastic headers that warped up against a mild steel heat exchanger. If a gasket was pinched, or when the plastic warped or cracked, water leaked and corroded out the mild steel. We fix these where possible. Some are too far gone. It’s best to let us have a very good look at them. JX 130 & 160 - Fan-extracted flue w/ BBQ Burner. Hurlcon / Astralpool’s wall mount heater. Similar heat exchanger to the HX series. These were the first of Hurlcon’s ‘efficient’ gas heaters. Very good heaters for tight spaces, where a heater can only be wall-mounted. HiNRG 175 / HiNRG 250 / HiNRG 400 - Fan-forced Burner. The newest of the Astralpool / Hurlcon / Jacuzzi gas heaters. These have had some ‘teething’ problems, but are proving to be a popular heater. Viron / Viron eVo - Fan-forced Burner.  These are designed as an extremely efficient heater, but still use the older style heat exchangers, except stacked. These heaters are extremely sensitive to water flow and gas pressure changes. Many of these expensive heaters are destroyed due to poor water flow, poor combustion, and/or chemical imbalance. We see more of these fail with variably speed pumps set too low. Condensation is also a problem with these heaters.
Converting your Spa, Swimspa, Pool to Gas Heating: The table to the right shows *only* the actual heater cost comparison. You actually save more than this. - Super Fast heat up times. We can fit a heater to heat from 15 °  to 38 °  in as little as 15 minutes! - Save $$ on Heating Costs. Gas costs around half as much as electricity on its own, but you’re also saving more $ than we can calculate because you’re not running your pumps nearly as long. - Reduced chemical usage. Another $$ savings - it’s difficult to calculate, but we know hot water needs more chemicals, and longer filtration times. Available in several sizes - Lower Carbon foot print. As you’re not heating your spa all day / every day, you used MUCH less energy.
older Hurlcon HX 120 gas spa heater parts very old Hurlcon HX 120 gas heater
Hurlcon MX - Pool Heaters
Hurlcon HX 70 & 120 / WX 70 & 120 & MiniMax MM Spa Heaters
Hurlcon Astralpool Viron
Hurlcon Astralpool HiNRG
Hurlcon Astralpool HX120 spa heater repairs
Purex Tropic Isle
Purex Hurlcon MiniMax
Hurlcon JX 160 & 130 Wall Mount Heaters
Dega / Degas 100mj Gas Spa Heater
Typical Dega Skid Pack
Everdure, Bosch, Pyrox, Chaffoteaux - Maury were all modified hot water heaters and still have some spare parts available. These were the first of the wall-mount heaters. Very hardy, but inefficient. They ran on a bypass heating system & many required standalong thermostats. Some needed a solenoid style setup. The Onga Ultra 2700 & Ultra 4700 gas heaters took over from the Dega bypass style heaters. These were a fan-extracted heater. Despite many people saying there are “no spare parts,” we can still get some, so it may be worth having a look at. Our gas-heater plumber / technician has worked on these for many years. - Typically beige & brown. Some are white.
Everdure Spa Heater
Chaffoteaux-Maury Spa Heater
Bosch Spa Heater
Bosch Spa Heater
Onga Ultra 4700 Spa Heater
Pentair Mastertemp aka “Waterco TurboTemp” gas pool & spa heaters. Very High-quality heaters. Super- Efficient. Not many people know how to work on these, so there is a fair amount of misinformation. We actually enjoy these, as they’re so different and innovative compared to many others. The early models had some teething problems (years ago), but they can all be sorted out. The newer ones are the most efficient gas heaters on the market. - Heats up fast so no long waits before enjoying your pool or spa - More affordable Spare parts than other brands - Best-in-class energy efficiency - Manual gas shut-off when service is required - Eco-friendly MasterTemp® is certified for low NOx emission and outperforms industry standards - Rotating digital display allows for easy viewing - Tough, rustproof exterior handles the heat and weathers the elements - 60% Smaller than Raypak heaters These are a perfect replacement for older Viron, HX, Raypak and other heaters.
Raypak RP2100
Raypak Millivolt
Convert your Spa from Electric to Gas Heating and Save $$$ In Victoria, due to our amazing gas infrastructure, it can usually save quite a bit of money be converting your spa from Electric heating to Natural Gas. Have a look at the table below to see the cost per 10 degrees.
This not only shows the cost of heating, but with gas, you can leave your electric-heated spa turned down until you actually want to use it, saving even more money!
Heat Pumps We only recommend heat pumps, where it is too difficult or not possible to run gas. Pros: - Can be used where gas is unavailable - Can, but not always, be cheaper than LPG (not Natural) Gas in some installations - Easy to install - this is partially why some spa dealers recommend them - Note for the customer - The dealer makes a higher $$ profit margin, while needing to do the least amount of work. This is one of the reasons they are becoming so popular. Cons: - LONG heat up times depending on outside temperature - May run 12+ hours a day, negating any $$ savings - Must be in a sunny area to run efficiently - Requires a large electrical supply. Some need 3-phase power. - To maintain heat, you must let heat pumps run every day, unlike gas, where you can have it switch on only when you’re ready to heat. - If you undersize a heat pump, your spa may never actually reach 38 degrees on a cold day.
Jerry’s note: Unlike the old, robust Raypak we used to know, Unfortunately the new Raypak heaters are not what they used to be. It seems Rheem has no care about this side of their business, and they’ve become just a “cheap” heater.
Waterco S&P 2000e Spa Heater Skid Pack
Waterco S&P 2000e
Jandy / Zodiac LRZ
Electric Heating Direct Electric heating is usually done using a “kettle” style element. These can range from 1kw all the way and over to 100kW! These transfer almost 100% of their heat directly to water. In areas where electric is the only option, or the upfront costs are too high for gas, electric is the most common way to heat.
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