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About Us & Zodiac, Teledyne-Laars, LRZ Pool Heaters

We carry all available spare parts and carry out Factory Authorized Repairs for these heaters. We also may be able to handle any Warranty issues directly.

Zodiac / LRZ / Teledyne-Laars Pool Heaters

Zodiac JXi

Zodiac JXi Pool Heater

Zodiac's latest gas pool & spa heater. Good quality, although the heat exchanger is only Copper. Comes with 3 year heat exchanger warranty.  These aren't a bad little heater. We're hoping to see more of these on the market.

LRZ Legacy

LRZ Legacy Pool Heaters by Zodiac

Good heaters based on the Teledyne-Laars heaters. We carry most spare parts on board. These can be sensitive to gas supply. 


Zodiac has recently merged with Astralpool. We don't know how the future will go with their gas heaters.


Jandy & Zodiac are one and the same in heaters. These are just brands that are interchangeable.

Jandy Lite & Lite 2

Jandy Lite & Lite 2 Pool Heater

The Jandy Lite & Jandy Lite 2 were a robust heater that have been discontinued. Many have leaked over the years due to various reason. They're definitely worth looking at for repairs.

Teledyne - Laars

Teledyne-Laars Pool Heater

Teledyne-Laars heaters were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. They declined in popularity and changed names to Jandy & Zodiac for the Australian market.

More about Teledyne Laars


Teledyne Laars no longer makes domestic pool heaters. Many of their parts are still available and used by other brands. We carry what's available and would recommend booking a service call to check it out.