raypak heater services. factory-authorised service agents.


We are an authorized Factory Service agant for Raypak Rheem. One of our service techs also worked for Raypak for many years. We know these inside & out and can handle any Warranty or Service issue. We often can repair these heaters w raypak heater service hen a Raypak/Rheem service technician walks in and doesn't want to work on them! 

Raypak Rheem Gas Pool Heater Services - Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula

Authorized Service Agent


As an Authorized Raypak / Rheem service agent, we carry all available spare parts for these heaters and can generally fix them straight away where possible. One of our techs is a former Raypak employee and know them inside and out.

Current Pool Heaters


Very good heaters for most applications. Be wary of those sold on eBay or elsewhere online. We have seen these heaters sold with cheaper heat exchangers, and even secondhand. Note warranty may not apply when sold online by some sellers.
Models: Raypak 200, 280, 300, 430

Spartan 131


Decent quality spa gas heater. We've seen heat exchangers on these leak prematurely. Only recommended for some installations. 

Raypak RP2100


RP2100 were amazingly well-built heaters. We carry most spare parts, and even refurbish electronics on these heaters. 

Raypak 127 & 167 Premium Heaters


A Very very good gas heater. Newer models are still available, but can be costly. Again, we carry the most common spare parts on board.

Raypak Optima / Optimum


Older heaters. We still see many of these still in action!



Davey Gas Heaters


Davey gas heaters are simply Raypak heaters that are re-branded.


Raypak has made many other heaters, and we repair them where possible too!

Commercial vs Domestic versions of heaters. We recommend the Commercial version of the Raypak 280 and 430. They come with Bronze headers, and stainless steel base.  

Warranty Info: 

Standard heaters: 3-Year Limited on Domestic Installations. 1-Year on Commercial Installations

Premium: 3-Year Limited on Commercial Installations. 3-Year Limited on Domestic Installations. 

Note: Rheem designates all semi-commercial pools such as swim-schools, holiday-rentals, etc as "Commercial"

Raypak Heater troubleshooting

Raypak Heater Troubleshooting and Error Codes

Current Models:

o - not detecting waterflow


LL - High Limit tripped or heater has Overheated. Call for service

blank display - not detecting water flow, high-limit tripped, faulty PCB. Call for service

All Models:

Screeching, Whistling, Odd Noises - gas pressure incorrect. Water flow poor. Broken bypass. Blocked heat exchanger. Switch heater off immediately and Call for Service.

Black soot around top of heater - Poor combustion. Heat exchanger blocked. Call for Service