General gas pool and spa heating information and costings estimates


pool and spa heating information

Information about heating your spa or pool with gas.

Running or Converting your Spa, Swimspa, Pool to Gas Heating: 

The table above shows *only* the actual heater cost comparison. You actually save more than this. 

Benefits of Gas over Electric Elements & Heat Pumps:

  • Super Fast heat up times. We can fit a heater to heat from 15 to 38 in as little as 15 minutes! 
  • Save $$ on Heating Costs. Gas costs around half as much as electricity on its own, but you’re also saving more $ than we can calculate because you’re not running your pumps nearly as long.
  • Reduced chemical usage. Another $$ savings it’s difficult to calculate, but we know hot water needs more chemicals, and longer filtration times. Available in several sizes
  • Lower Carbon foot print. As you’re not heating your spa all day / every day, you used MUCH less energy.
  •  You can leave your electric-heated spa turned down until you actually want to use it, saving even more money 

Hybrid Spa Heating

We can convert your existing electric heated spa to run on gas. In most cases, we can set it up so that the gas heater is still controlled by your existing spa touchpad!

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