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Pentair Mastertemp / Waterco Turbotemp Gas Heater Services

Pentair Mastertemp


Pentair Mastertemp pool heaters were popular for a few years by many pool builders. As they are complex and not many people know how to work on these, many builders have moved on to other brands. Don't be fooled by their "Heavy-Duty" label. They are a fan-forced heater.
Models: Mastertemp 125, 200, 300, 400

Waterco Turbotemp


Waterco Turbotemps were simply a re-branded Pentair Mastertemp. Waterco has moved on from these heaters. Waterco now recommends a different brand of heater.
Models: Turbotemp 125, 200, 300, 400

Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm


Yet another re-branded Pentair Mastertemp, this time with a different outside casing. The internals are identical.
Models: Max-E-Therm 200, 300, 400

About Pentair Heaters


We carry almost all spare parts on-board, and were an Authorized Service Agent.  Unfortunately Pentair Australia proved to be one of the very worst companies we have dealt with. They will say and do almost anything to avoid warranty (We've seen it first-hand). We only supply these heaters where space is a requirement, and handle all Warranties directly. We do not recommend Pentair Heaters for most installations.

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They use a finely tuned fan-forced blower for efficiency. Unfortunately they succumb to any problem with water flow and gas supply pressure. Their Heat Exchangers are also more prone to issues with water chemistry. 

Pentair / Waterco / Sta-Rite Troubleshooting

Error Codes & Troubleshooting

Loud, high-pitched whine - Flame is too rich.

Flame is “fluttery.” Flame is too lean. Exhaust may have acrid smell or burner may fail

to stay lit.

Burner pulsates or Exhaust vent is too long. Reduce length of exhaust vent and/or surges, especially on number of elbows.

Boiling in heat exchanger - Low water flow to heater, pump and or filter. May be accompanied by water “bumping” sounds. Do not use heater.

E05 / E06 - Sensor error or blocked / sooted heat exchanger. May be bad gas supply or failed parts. Do not operate heater.

R13 / R8 - Part of Startup Sequence.

Service System LED On - Heater not detecting water pressure. Make sure valves in correct position, filters clean, and sufficient water flow through heater.

Service Heater LED On - Cycle Mains power off, then on. Try again. If fault reoccurs, see below.

Smoke or Steam coming from heater. Switch heater off, and gas valve off. Do not use heater.

Frozen Screen - Heater may have restarted too many times. May be gas supply issue.

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