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Onga heaters were popular in the late 1990s and were a Japanese built fan-forced heater. Some can still be repaired.
Models: Onga 2700, 3700, 4700


Very common heaters found in older pools. They were robust, but are aging now.


Common spa heater in the 1980s. Some can be still repaired and serviced. Keep in mind of their age. Everdue no longer supports these at all.


Not a common spa heater. Some spares are still available. 


Proved popular for a time, but are no longer supported by Bosch. We do have some aftermarket parts available for these.


Great little heaters. We can actually retrofit many parts on these heaters. Definitely worth looking at.


Older Hayward heaters were very robust. Their new heaters are pretty good, but also have a price tag to go with it.


Older Waterco heaters were often rebranded heaters, but were pretty well built. Again, we carry many spare parts.

S & P Spa Heater

Great little spa heaters, generally sold as part of a spa skid pack. We actually repair these heaters fairly often. Many are salvageable and worth the repair.

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