insnrg gas pool and spa heaters

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About insnrg heaters

insnrg was founded recently. They use fan-forced combustion.  Little is known about them, as they appear to be very protective about their products & don't want to release much information.  

We do not recommend insnrg heaters.

Gi gas heaters come in three sizes: 150, 250, 400. They use a similar set up to their predecessors' heaters like the Viron & ICI heaters. 

Our Review of the insnrg gas heaters: 

We have only seen a couple in-field. They are not popular. The customers had issues with other insnrg equipment, so we couldn't even test the gas heaters. I would steer clear due to the below issues.

Why we do not recommend insnrg

- Severely Limited & Restricted Dealers. 

- Extremely Restricted spare parts availability.

- Extremely Restricted service technicians.

- Restricted information & do not return inquiries from specialists like us. 

- Untested long-term. 

We are  one of the most well-known heater installers and repair companies around. They don't even respond to our emails, and have been very snobby and uninterested in new trade customers and have made this very clear. This makes me question their company and their product.  If they aren't interested in working with a company that could support their products (and spend a ton of $$!), how do they treat end users?


Models:     Natural Gas or LPG    

iNSNRG GI 160 mJ - Output : (they have not published)

iNSNRG GI 265 mJ - Output :  (they have not published)

iNSNRG GI 420 mJ - Output :  (they have not published)

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