Hurlcon & Astralpool Heater Repairs, Service and Sales

About Us:

Former Hurlcon / Astralpool Research & Development Engineer, we know these heaters inside and out! We also cover all warranty and service issues directly.  All spare parts available. We carry almost all spare parts in the Service Vehicle, so where possible, we can get it up and running on the first visit.

When Replacing a Heater:

Please note that Astralpool / Hurlcon heaters are not allowed to be sold Online. Anyone selling online is NOT an Authorized Astralpool / Hurlcon Dealer, and this can affect your warranty. We have actually seen "new" heaters sold online, where parts had been swapped, and some actually are stolen goods. Astralpool / Hurlcon will ask for Proof of Purchase from an Authorised Dealer should any Warranty Issues arise.  

An Added Benefit of Buying or Servicing from us:

We are Authorized Dealers & Warranty Service Agents for all Astralpool, Hurlcon, Zodiac heaters. Should any issue arise, we can handle issues directly!

Astralpool / Hurlcon Pool Heaters - Repaired, Serviced, Replacements

Hurlcon Astralpol HX 70 / 120 / WX

Current Astralpool HX 70 gas heater

 The hardiest of the Hurlcon heaters ever made. Very simple. Almost identical to the old Hendy hydronic boilers. (Hurlcon bought Hendy) These heaters have been almost identical for nearly 20 years. We can retrofit circuit boards on some of the older, rare models. We carry almost all spare parts on board, as this is one of the most popular spa heaters on the market.
Models:  HX 70 / HX 120 / HX 150 / WX 70 / WX 75 / WX 120

Hurlcon Astralpool MX Series

Hurlcon Astralpool MX Heater Repairs and Replacements.

 These were based on Purex MiniMax / Triton models. These are by far one of the most popular heaters since the early 2000s. We carry most spare parts on board, and can generally fix them on the first visit where possible. A common fault of these is leaking header manifolds, and F1, F2 errors. Also ignition system issues.
Models:  MX 150 / MX 200 / MX 250 / MX 300 / MX 400  

Hurlcon Astralpool Viron Series

Hurlcon Astralpool Viron gas pool heaters repaired.

These are designed as an extremely efficient heater. They are sensitive to water flow and gas pressure issues. Many of these expensive heaters are destroyed due to poor water flow on variable speed pumps, chemical damage, and chemical location. Condensation can also be a problem with these heaters.  Upon installation, these *must* be set properly for combustion. Often, normal gas plumbers don't carry the necessary equipment for this. We do. See more Notes Below:
Models:  Viron / Viron eVo 250 / 350 / 450 / 500 / 550  

Astralpool Jacuzzi HiNRG

Astralpool Jacuzzi HiNRG gas pool and spa heaters.

 The newest of the Astralpool/Hurlcon / Jacuzzi gas heaters. These have had some ‘teething’ problems, but are proving to be a popular heater. Very easily installed indoors. There have been several improvements over the early models. Newer models are far superior over the early models.
Models:  HiNRG 175 / HiNRG 250 / HiNRG 400 aka Jacuzzi  

Hurlcon Astralpool JX 130 & 160

Hurlcon Astralpool JX 130 and JX 160 wall mounted gas pool and spa heater

 Hurlcon / Astralpool’s wall mount heater. Similar heat exchanger to the HX series. These were the first of Hurlcon’s ‘efficient’ gas heaters. Very good heaters for tight spaces, where a heater can only be wall-mounted. 

Models:  JX 130 & 160  

Astralpool ICI Gas Heater

Astralpool ICI Gas Pool Heaters. ICI 200 ICI 400.

Astralpool's latest gas heater. Similar to the Viron, but with a simpler heat exchanger that doesn't require as much water flow.  They have improved on the Viron design by simplifying several features. For More Information about the ICI Gas Heaters we recommend checking out: 

Models: ICI 200 & ICI 400


Older Hurlcon HX / WX Series

Hurlcon HX 120 gas spa heater beige

 Before Astralpool took over Hurlcon, older Hurlcon heaters were beige.  We carry almost all spare parts in stock. Very well built and hardy gas spa heaters.  There was also a Wilton 75 Spa Heater available in the past. Models: HX 70 / HX 120 / HX 150 / WX Series  

Late 1990s / Early 2000 HX Heaters

Analogue Hurlcon HX 120 gas spa heater pre 2001

  Older Hurlcon heaters were beige. We carry almost all spare parts in stock. Very well built and hardy gas spa heaters.  These have a toggle switch, with Red LED display, and analogue dial.  Models: HX 70 / HX 120 / HX 150 / WX 70 / WX 75 / WX 120 / Wilton 75 / Minimax 70 / Minimax 120 / Minimax 150 / MM  

Very Old Hurlcon Minimax & HX Series

Hurlcon MiniMax 120 gas spa heater - very early

 From the 1990s, these older Hurlcon heaters were beige. We carry almost all spare parts in stock. Very well built and hardy gas spa heaters.  These have a toggle switch, with red and/or greed LED status lights. Models: HX 70 / HX 120 / HX 150 / WX 70 / WX 75 / WX 120 / Wilton 75 / Minimax 70 / Minimax 120 / Minimax 150 / MM 

Purex Hurlcon Minimax & Tropic Isle

Original Hurlcon MiniMax. Also known as a Purex or Pentair Minimax

 Purex Hurlcon Minimax MM / Purex Tropic Isle - older heater. One of the best heaters ever made. Bronze headers that rarely leaked. We can surprisingly supply many spare parts for these. They are the predecessor to Hurlcon MX heaters.  Commonly branded Purex, Pentair, Hurlcon. 

Tropic Isle

Hurlcon Tropic Isle Pool and Spa Heater. Purex Pool Equipment.

 Very early heaters by Hurlcon. Amazingly well-built, and some can still be repaired. Very few parts are available though.  These are basically modified and re-branded Purex / Pentair heaters.

"Unicorn" HX 120 and HX 70

Rare Hurlcon HX 120 gas spa heater with green label

The HX 70 and HX 120 made for only a few months in 2001. This gas heater had a completely different thermostat PCB than any others, and are very rare. These PCBs are obsolete, but we modify the heater to suit the current PCB. Internally, these are the same units.

Common Hurlcon / Astralpool Heater Information

Hurlcon & Astral Pool Heater Troubleshooting - Faults & Errors

Astralpool & Hurlcon Gas Heater Error Codes:

F0 - Heater locked off. Can't read temperature. Reset Power. If it reoccurs,  Book a Service Call. 

F1 -  Thermostat reads very high temperature. Allow water to cool.  Check filters are clean and there is sufficient water flow. Cycle mains power to reset. If it reoccurs,  Book a Service Call. 

F2 - Heater has gotten too hot.  Check filters are clean and there is sufficient water flow. Wait several minutes for water to cool. Cycle mains power to reset. If it reoccurs, book a service call.

F3 - Temperature fault. Cycle mains power to reset. If it reoccurs, Book a Service Call. 

F4 - Flame roll-out detected. This means the flames have been detected outside the burner area. If this occurs do no re-light heater. Turn off gas.  Book a Service Call. .

F6 - Heater Burning too hot. Do not use heater.  Book a Service Call. 

F7 - Condensate tank limit. Cycle power to reset. If it reoccurs,  Book a Service Call.

F8  &  F9 - Heat Exchanger Fault. Do not use heater.  Book a Service Call. 

L -  Heater locked out. Heater has tried to ignite too many times. It will automatically retry after 2 minutes.  This allows combustion gases to escape before retrying.

Q or Ø - Heater is detecting water pressure, and is ready to ignite when temp is below set-point. 

* - Igniting. Spark or Hot Surface Ignitor (HSI) are trying to light. 

^ - Flame Detected. Heater operating. Symbol looks like an upside-down V.

Heater Rumbling. Gas supply pressure is out of spec or heat exchanger fault.  Turn off Heater.  Book a Service Call. 

Smoke coming from heater. Turn off heater immediately. Turn off gas.  Book a Service Call. 

Water coming from heater. See below.

If any of the above errors continue, please contact us and book a service call. 03 5902 2765


Hurlcon Astralpool Viron & ICI Issues:
Due to the Viron heater's extreme efficiency, they can have a few more tedious problems, similar to higher-end cars.  We see many issues caused by water & gas supply. We've listed some symptoms and causes below. Note that some symptoms can be caused by more than one thing. 

Symptoms of Gas Supply Issues:
- sooting heat exchanger
- burnt heat exchanger
- rumbling or whining of heater

- blocked condensate tank

Symptoms of water issues:

- corroded brass plugs & sensors

- corroded or overheated heat exchanger

- blocked heat exchanger

- leaking manifolds

- leaking heat exchangers

Symptoms of water flow issues:

- overheated, burnt heat exchangers

- leaking manifolds

- boiling / banging / whistling of the heater

Symptoms of air supply issues:
- blocked condensate tank

- damaged heat exchanger fins 

- damaged firebox insulation

- damaged blower assembly

Many issues can almost be put down to "bad luck." It is best to have one of our technicians assess your heater on-site. 

MX 125 thru 500 Issues:

MX heaters, being based on older Minimax heaters, were a basically robust burning system. 

Early models were let down by plastic manifolds that warped, and a mild steel tube end plate. Poor water quality accelerated corrosion and warping. We see many MX heaters that have leaked over time. It's best to have these assessed in person.

We are Authorized Service & Warranty Agents for Astralpool, with a background in Research & Development for Hurlcon.

Contact Us to make a Booking: 03 8740 9224