Heater services for pool shops & pool / spa professionals

pool heater repairs

Need a Pool Heater Expert for Your Customers?

As you are probably aware, pool technicians, pool cleaners, etc are not Qualified or Licensed to carry out ANY work on a pool heater.  We can help you support your customers with their pool heaters. We come out to site, assess, repair, or do whatever is needed to get their pool or spa heating again.  We are almost always faster & more affordable than the manufacturers.  We also have absolutely no interest in under-cutting, or taking away your customers.  We want to support you, not take over.

Heater Installation

Our licensed gas-fitters & electricians tend not to carry out full installations for pool shops unless the job has been fully assessed *before* any work is carried out. Unfortunately we have run into too many installations partially done by a pool person, but it does not meet current Gas and/or Electrical regulations.