Dega / De-Gas Spa Heaters


  Dega / Onga / De-gas gas spa heaters were one of the best, long-running gas heaters around. These were a fairly efficient bypass style heater, with built-in timer that controlled the pump, and also an air switch. They were well ahead of their time. 

Dega Gas Heater LPG & Natural Gas


 The most common 100mJ and 200mJ gas spa heaters. Note that these aren't truly that rating, as they were restricted by use of a regulator on the incoming gas line.  

 Unfortunately Dega heaters are no longer serviced due to their age, and lack of available spare parts. 

Dega Quiptron Skid Pack



Very common Dega Skid-pack included gas heater, pump, cartridge filter, and blower. 

It might be best to consider a replacement heater, given the Dega heaters are now all 20-plus years old.


 We are now the sole Authorized Service agent for all Dega / De-gas products.  New Dega heaters are not available, and have been superseded.


Less-common Dega 200mJ spa heater. All De-gas / Onga heaters finished being built in the mid 1990s, but some were sold as New/Old stock up until the late 1990s. 


 Dega heaters were Typically Gray, Green, White, or Light Gray.   Common faults are corroded flow switch,  bad ignition, aged PCBs, heat-exchanger leaks, timers, air control, etc. 

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Additional Information

Dega heaters were made obsolete in the late 1990s. The last of the heaters still used older parts. They were an Australian heater, with many Japanese parts.  

They were different in that many of the components ran on 110v, rather than 240v.

Common Faults:

  • Flow Switch - If heater allows pump to run for a few seconds, and then switches off, this is likely the culprit.
  • Ignition Coil - if no zapping is heard, this may be the fault.
  • Gas Valve - has 2 solenoids that can fail. 
  • Gas Regulator - these were all meant to be covered. If it has been outdoors, it should be replaced.
  • Heat Exchanger - as a bypass heater, the heat exchanger should last for many many years. They only leak when water has been corrosive for some time. 
  • Controller - these may short out. .
  • Air Switch - these sometimes break or fail. 
  • Timer