Looking to buy a new gas pool or spa heater?

Very Important Information

Gas heaters are not a cheap investment. Understandably, our first instinct is to try and find the cheapest possible price. Unfortunately, this comes with a few problems when it comes to gas pool heaters. We try our best to go well on price, but our knowledge, advice, and support are bar none in the pool and spa industry.


About Us:

We are made up of a Hurlcon / Astralpool Research & Development Engineer, Raypak Service Technician, Boiler Engineers, Pentair Service Agents, Zodiac Service Agents, Dega Engineers, and more.  We know pretty much all brands of gas pool and spa heaters, inside and out! 

We also cover warranty and service issues directly.  All spare parts available. We carry almost all spare parts in the Service Vehicle, so where possible, we can get it up and running on the first visit.

We've seen so much disappointment from customers who have bought purely on price. It just doesn't go well in the end. We are here for you, and hope that you will be a customer of ours for many years.  We're not a typical pool company, and certainly are the "fly-by-night" type of shoddy seller so often found online.

When Buying a New Gas Pool or Spa Heater:

Please be aware that Astralpool, Hurlcon, Raypak, Zodiac, Hayward, Pentair, Waterco, Sta-Rite heaters are not allowed to be sold Online via Shopping Carts, eBay, Gumtree, at all anymore.  Anyone selling online is NOT an Authorized Astralpool / Hurlcon Dealer, and this can affect your warranty.  We have actually seen "new" heaters sold online, where parts had been swapped with cheaper parts, and even heaters that were NOT new. Please, for your own sake, avoid these shoddy sellers.  Astralpool / Hurlcon will ask for Proof of Purchase from an Authorised Dealer should any Warranty Issues arise.  

Buying a heater via eBay, Gumtree, or elsewhere online can cause warranty issues, bad advice, and major headaches if the heater has any problems. They are also almost never actually qualified to carry out any work on the heaters, and don't know how each component works. 

An Added Benefit of Buying or Servicing from us:

We are Authorized Dealers & Warranty Service Agents for the major brands. Should any issue arise, we can handle issues directly! Should an issue arise, we sort it out far more quickly than any of the manufacturers. In fact, the manufacturers call us to get jobs sorted faster than they can!

For every heater we fit, we also include the first Annual Service for free! 


The most popular gas pool and spa heater models!

Raypak Spa Heaters


Raypak spa heaters (Spartan 131) have been around several years. One of the more popular spa gas heaters. We are a factory-authorized service agent for Rheem Raypak.  These are also sold, re-badged, for Davey, and previously Onga. 

Models:  NAT or LPG

Raypak Spartan 131 - Output: ~27kW

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Raypak Pool Gas Heaters


We are a factory-authorized service agent for Rheem Raypak. Raypak Pool Heaters come with a 3-year limited warranty on domestic installations. A very robust heater.   These are also sold & re-badged for Davey. 

Models: Natural Gas or LPG

Raypak 200 - Output: ~41kW

Raypak 280 - Output: ~58kW 

Raypak 350 - Output: ~73kW

Raypak 430 - Output: ~90kW 

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Raypak Premium Pool Heaters


Raypak Premium commercial-grade heaters come with a 3-year limited warranty on commercial pools. They come with bronze headers, and stainless steel base, for future servicing. One of the most robust heaters around.  Personally, we prefer the Premium over the standard. We are a factory-authorized service agent for Rheem Raypak. These are also sold, re-badged, for Davey 

Models:  Natural Gas or LPG 

Raypak Premium 127  - Output: ~26kW 

Raypak Premium 167  - Output: ~35kW 

Raypak Premium 280  - Output: ~73kW 

Raypak Premium 430  - Output: ~90kW 

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Viron eVo Premium Pool Heaters


The newest Viron eVo is nothing like the early Viron models. They now use HSI ignition, and are far sturdier heaters. They require a specific water flow to run properly.  When replacing an older Viron 450, we  generally recommend to replace it with the Viron eVo 350.  We are a factory-authorized service agent for Astralpool. These have been sold as Hurlcon & Astralpool brands.

Models: Natural Gas or LPG  

Viron eVo 250  - Output: ~62W  

Viron eVo 350  - Output: ~87kW  

Viron eVo 450  - Output: ~110kW  

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HX Spa Gas Heaters


The HX & WX gas spa heater has been internally almost identical for over 20 years. They are one of the best heaters ever made for spas.   We are a factory-authorized service agent for Astralpool.  These have been sold as Hurlcon & Astralpool brands. 

Models:  Natural Gas or LPG  

HX 70  - Output: ~15kW   

HX 120  - Output: ~25kW   

WX 70  / WX 75 - Output: ~15kW   

WX 120   - Output: ~25kW   

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JX Wall-Mount Gas Heaters


The JX wall mounted gas spa heater are simple and robust. They have been around for several years, and are one of their workhorses. Being wall-mounted, they don't take up much spas.  We are a factory-authorized service agent for Astralpool.  These have been sold as Hurlcon & Astralpool brands. 


JX 130  - Output: ~27kW    

JX 160   - Output: ~33kW    

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Astralpool HiNRG Gas Heaters


One of the newest gas heaters from Astral. Early models had a few issues, but are a very popular heater for many pool builders. Available in both left and right hand installations.  We are a factory-authorized service agent for Astralpool. 

Models: Natural Gas or LPG   

HiNRG 175  - Output: ~40kW     

HiNRG 250  - Output: ~58kW     

HiNRG 400   - Output: ~92kW     

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Zodiac JXI Gas Pool Heaters


Zodiac bought Teledyne-Laars several years ago. They have created a super-efficient gas heater, with a novel bypass system to ensure correct water flow.   We are a factory-authorized service agent for Zodiac. 

Models: Natural Gas or LPG   

Zodiac JXI 200  - Output : ~46kW      

Zodiac JXI 370   - Output: ~85kW      

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Pentair Mastertemp Gas Heaters


Pentair Mastertemp gas heaters are identical to Waterco Turbotemp and StaRite Max E Therm heaters. Our biggest concern is when the manifold leaks, it can fill the entire combustion chamber with water. This often destroys the heater.  Also the mild steel manifold bolts can easily be too rusty to remove.  

We only recommend these heaters where nothing else will fit.  We are a factory-trained Pentair repairer.

Models: Natural Gas or LPG   

Mastertemp 125 - Output : ~29kW     

Mastertemp 200 - Output : ~46kW     

Mastertemp 300 - Output : ~69kW     

Mastertemp 400  - Output : ~92kW     

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Degas Spa Gas Heaters


For more information about replacing a Dega Degas 100mj or 200mj heater, go here

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Astralpool ICI Gas Heaters


The ICI 200 & ICI 400 are Astral Pool's latest gas heater. This heater has the smallest footprint on the market, and has an ultra-efficient ceramic mesh burner. Similar to the Viron in appearance Only. This heater has been tested in real-world installations for over 2 years, and was finally released to the public in July 2019.

Models:  Natural Gas or LPG   

ICI 200  - Output : ~47kW  

ICI 400  - Output : ~94kW  

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Hayward Gas Heaters


American-Made Heavy-Duty Gas Heaters. These come in 3 sizes: 158mJ, 264mJ, and 422mJ.  Simple, easy Warranties. These are fantastic heaters. The biggest consideration with these, is they are wider than some of the newer fan-forced heaters. 

Models:  Natural Gas or LPG    

Hayward H150  - Output : ~30kW   

Hayward H250  - Output : ~62kW   

Hayward H400  - Output : ~93kW   

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other less-common brands


insnrg Gas Heaters

Very new on the market. Very limited support. Only sold to a limited number of dealers. We do not recommend these heaters. Consider an Astralpool ICI or Raypak heater. 

Models:     Natural Gas or LPG    

iNSNRG GI 160 mJ - Output : ~unpublished

iNSNRG GI 265 mJ - Output : ~unpublished

iNSNRG GI 420 mJ - Output : ~unpublished

Other Brands

There are no other Approved gas heater brands available on the Australian Market. Brands like Teledyne-Laars, Waterco, Dega (Degas) no longer exist, or are re-branded heaters.