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About Us

New for 2020:  New Heaters & Spare Parts can be picked up from Carrum Downs, Vic. Please contact us first to ensure stock is available, as parts come in and out all the time. 

Our beginnings and history:

Jerry began his career originally in IT, but early-on moved into the Swimming Pool & Spa industry, where he found a job with Australia's biggest pool equipment manufacturer Hurlcon (now Astralpool / Fluidra / Zodiac). He worked there in the Research & Development department. He specialize in the more "technical" areas such as heaters and control systems. He furthered this with other companies he worked for, and some of his designs are in tens of thousands of pool around the world. 

Jerry has worked on, with & in:

  • Major pool builders in Service & Technical roles
  • Industrial Steam & Gas Boilers / Heaters for both Commercial & Domestic industries
  • His longest stint was in the Commercial Pool Industry (Municipal Aquatic Centres, Zoos, etc) and Municipal & Building Water Treatment. This was handling, maintaining, and installing some *serious* gear!
  • A company that serviced & repaired portable spas, but we closed this down due to the influx of cheap imported equipment flooding the market, and manufacturers not supporting their own products. 

We decided to go out on our own a few years ago, to be Melbourne's only dedicated pool heater service company. We also have the biggest range of spare parts in Australia for all brands of gas pool and spa heaters.

And now:

Jerry is well-known in both the Commercial and Domestic industry for his Honesty, Kindness, Thoroughness, Knowledge and his “no BS” approach to Pool and Spa equipment.   We work in conjunction with Pool Shops that recognize the need to bring in genuine Experts in Heating & Control Systems. Typical “Pool Technicians” are have very different skills. 

We only use highly-experienced, proper tradespeople that can be trusted and have real qualifications. People we’d have working in our own back yard. These aren’t your standard “spa & pool technicians” or pool cleaners. All of us pride ourselves on our work and expertise.

We have the connections to get all the spare parts and equipment available, and the knowledge to know what’s “not-so-good, good, better, or best.” If there is a better or more-efficient way of doing something we will let you know. 

Unlike any other company in the industry, as far as we know, we are the only company that is not Brand-oriented. Yes, there are rebates. Yes, there are special deals that manufacturers offers. There are many incentives to go down a path of recommended only 1 or 2 brands. We went into this with a Core Value to never be brand-oriented. Every brand ever has made some great products, and some not-so-great products. There are products on the market right now from some "great" brands that we simply won't sell.  We will tell you flat-out if we think one model of something is better, as good, or worse than another. 

As far as we know, we are also the only company in the Pool & Spa industry that handles all warranties directly for the equipment we supply. We don’t just put you in the hands of the manufacturers or wholesalers and leave them to take care of it. This can be extremely frustrating as a customer. If there’s a problem, we generally just come and fix it up directly. Then *we* deal with the Manufacturers and/or Suppliers.

We aren't the type to want to 'make a quick buck.' It's not in our nature, and we don't work well with those types. We want you, our customers, to stick with us and have a great relationship for many years. We are easy to get along with, and have a chat, and we truly empathize with our customers. Many customers become long-term friends!

Some of our other Workers:

  • Liam - Licensed A-Grade Electrician, and Controller expert
  • Geoff - Ex Raypak Gas Heater & Boiler Service Person. Licensed Gasfitter.
  • Glen - Expert in Astralpool / Hurlcon / Hendy heaters. Licensed Gasfitter.
  • Adam - Licensed Plumber & Gasfitter
  • Alex - Technician & Online Sales
  • Kirrily - She Does Everything